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Services & Fees

Tax Preparation

Our final fee is based on the complexity of your return. Examples of common items which increase the complexity and fee include:



  • additional state returns

  • rental property ownership

  • small business ownership

  • real estate transactions

  • high volume of capital gain or loss transactions

  • partnership or trust interests

  • ownership of foreign assets or bank accounts

  • errors in your previous return(s)



Prior to beginning any work, we'll hold an initial diligence meeting with you to gather the facts and information necessary to prepare your return. Upon completion of this initial meeting, we'll provide you with an estimated fee and anticipated date by which we expect to finish your return. The initial diligence meeting is no cost and you'll be under no obligation to use our services.


Prior to meeting, please download and use our 2022 Tax Return Preparation Checklist to ensure you have all your relevant information and documentation.

Our Team
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